FOTH 2013

Sample Meeting Request Letter

Use the following sample meeting request letter to request a visit with your legislators in Washington, D.C. during Foundations on the Hill. Please be sure to follow up with your legislator's Washington, D.C. office to ensure receipt of your requests. Find your Representative or Senator's D.C. contact information.

Formal Meeting Request
(Your Foundation's Letterhead)

[To a Representative]
The Honorable [insert full name]
U.S. House of Representatives
[Room # Senate Office Building]
Washington, D.C. 20515

[To a Senator]
The Honorable [full name]
United States Senate
[Room # House Office Buidling]
Washington, D.C. 20510

Re: Request for a Meeting

Dear Representative or Senator [insert last name]:

On behalf of the foundations in your state [or district], I am writing to request the opportunity to meet with you on [Insert Date].

[Personalize here: introduce yourself, your foundation and summarize foundations in the congressional district or state] Example: I am Executive Director of the Jones Foundation, which has $25 million in assets. We make grants totaling $2 million annually, mostly in Ohio. The most recent data indicates that there are 24 grantmaking foundations in your district [or state] with combined assets over $120 million, making grants annually of $7.5 million.

During our meeting with you, we would like to talk about our work and share our views on several policy issues affecting foundations being considered by Congress, including:

  • legislation that would permanently expand and extend the IRA charitable rollover (H.R. 2502) [If Senator, use S. 557 instead of H.R. 2502];

  • legislation that would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify and simplify the excise tax that private foundations pay on the net investment income. (H.R. 2311) [If Senator, use S. 593 instead of H.R. 2311];

  • the need for legislative improvements to a number of the charitable provisions that were enacted as part of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA);

  • our hope that you will join the bi-partisan Congressional Philanthropy Caucus, House/Senate respectively.

I will call your Washington, D.C. office to confirm receipt of this letter and to speak with your scheduler about a specific meeting date and time. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to meet with you.


cc: ________________ [insert name of tax aide]

Download and Print a Copy of the Representative Meeting Request Letter

Download and Print a Copy of the Senate Meeting Request Letter

Dowload and Print a Copy of the Governor Office Meeting Request Letter